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All too often, groups who bar hop in University City end up wishing that they would have planned ahead when it comes to their transportation. Don't be that group! It's not worth it to put yourself in the position of having to call a cab at the end of the night, or even risking your time and money with a DUI charge. When it comes to bar hopping transportation in University City, absolutely nothing does the job quite like a limousine or a limo bus, and Philly Limos is the best possible transportation provider in the University City community!


Have you ever considered a limousine or a limo bus for your pub crawling experience in University City? If not, why? It's known that limousines and limo buses are the safest way to have a night out on the town. That's because you'll be able to sit back and relax while you're on the road, a welcome difference from being the person behind the wheel. Traffic will be dealt with by a professional chauffeur who knows all of the best places to party in the area, and you'll be comfortable as ever with all of the amazing amenities that come standard with this type of vehicle! It's quite easy to see why Philly Limos should be the next phone number you dial into your iPhone!

Philly Limos has the service and amenities you'll need.

Philly Limos is known throughout Pennsylvania for their efficient and dependable transportation, which is absolutely perfect for a night of University City bar hopping. Who wants to take a smelly cab when an option like this exists for your night out? They'll pick you up in a polished vehicle that will have you turning heads in no time! Besides being easy on the eyes, their vehicles are updated with modern amenities for your partying convenience, and they're kept safe with large insurance policies and a team of professional mechanics. After all, there's a reason why Philly Limos is the top provider of bar hopping transportation in Philadelphia!


Be sure to consider all of your options when it comes to transportation for your night out in University City. No matter how you get here, if you happen to take the recommendations listed here, you're going to have a night that you and your friends wont soon forget. However, the right mode of transportation certainly makes a difference! Philly Limos would be happy to service your event in University City, so give them a call at 215-650-7554.